Media industry thought-leaders share insights on the industry’s biggest challenges for 2014

The media industry continues to evolve and this brings forward new challenges. In the lead-up to Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014, which takes place this month in Singapore, we asked some of Asia Pacific’s top media industry thought-leaders their thoughts on what they believe will present the biggest challenge for the industry this year, and how brands and agencies should adapt to overcome these challenges.

They told us:

“Talent, talent and talent. We are in a business that hardly existed 2 decades ago and finding the right talents who are able to keep up with the ongoing fast paced developments in our industry is difficult. The lack of good and relevant education programs and constant change of talent requirements makes it a challenge to staff up to the level that the industry needs. The only option is to build from the ground up, hire talented people and continue to educate them actively.”

- Michel de Rijk, Managing Director, Xaxis, APAC

“Measurement is one of the most critical issues facing the media industry today. The challenge starts with the fact that digital media is constantly evolving. From new devices to slick new ad units, agencies and brands look to implement the hottest trends and mediums, but grapple with a way to measure. While an accepted and highly cited metric, CTR often falls short of true campaign goals. In order to overcome this issue, it’s imperative for the industry to work together to standardize measurement and go beyond the ‘click’ to tie impressions back to meaningful results.”

- Robert Woolfrey, Managing Director, Millennial Media, APAC

“The media landscape is rapidly changing. Technology is transforming the way consumers engage with brands and the purchase cycle is not non- linear and broken. Now more than ever, delivering a greater return on media investment is top priority, and the great news is that the new data rich world allows us to track, optimise and plan for more effective campaigns. The challenge for both marketers and agencies is to get the blend of art and science right. The media agency model will evolve and media agencies will shift from being media agents to data experts, creative technologists, content managers and producers, social experts and marketing investment managers – portfolio managers focussed on managing risk for their clients. Exciting times certainly lie ahead for our wonderful business.”

- Cheuk Chiang, Chief Executive Officer, OMG, APAC

“The world of communication facing marketers today is dramatically different from even five years ago. I believe that achieving the perfect balance between traditional and new media is a big challenge that marketers are grappling with at the moment. Strategies need to evolve in a way that newer media such as mobile becomes an integral piece of the media jigsaw and while brands recognize this, they struggle to quantify the impact of these media on the bottomline. The three I’s – Investment, Innovation, and Integration – will be the keys for marketers looking to make a smooth transition into the new media world.”

- Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), APAC

“As the mobile industry continues to grow and develop, with the emergence of new technologies like programmatic buying on mobile providing new and improved ways to effectively target audiences, it is crucial that marketers stay up-to-date to remain ahead of the game. The ability for agencies and brands to be agile in the light of new mobile marketing tools and methodologies will be essential for their survival in this increasingly competitive marketplace. This is the theme of this year’s Festival of Media Asia Pacific, which takes place this month, providing a platform for discussion on some of the most pressing issues challenging the industry today.”

- Charlie Crowe, Founder of Festival of Media and Chairman of C Squared

About Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014
The Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMAP), the largest gathering of media leaders in Asia Pacific is back for its third year. Taking place from 16-18 March 2014 at the Capella Singapore, the Festival brings together media owners, agencies and brands for three days of invaluable networking, celebration and inspiring speaker sessions.

The Festival will attract over 700 delegates from across 22 countries in Asia, who will be coming together to hear from some of the media industry’s most agile and forward-thinking leaders.

Topics being discussed at the 2014 event include the future of Native Advertising in Asia, virtual media trading, social media in the newly-opened up Myanmar, unlocking the potential of Indian consumers and understanding Bitcoin, among others.

The complete Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014 agenda will be released in January 2014. Some of the speakers already confirmed for the event include:

Linda Yueh, Chief Business Correspondent, BBC World News
Rita Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO, SQUAR
Vipul Chawla, VP and CMO, Yum! Asia
Mark Laudi, Former CNBC presenter
Daryl Lee, Global CEO, UM
Leo Liang, Senior Director of National Business Development, Youku Tudou
Steve Mosko, President, Sony Pictures Television
Scott Lamb, VP of International, Buzzfeed
Lakshmi Pratury, Host and Curator, The INK Conference
Rose Tsou, Senior Vice President, APAC, Yahoo!
Peter Vessenes, Founder and CEO, CoinLab, Chairman Bitcoin Foundation
Jerry Wind, Professor, Wharton Future of Advertising Program
Since its launch in the region in 2011, the Festival of Media Asia Pacific has grown from strength to strength, fighting off stiff competition to win the ‘Best Development of an Existing Event’ category at the 2013 Asian Conference Awards.

Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014 takes place from 16-18 March at the Capella Singapore. For more information and delegate registrations, visit the Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014 website here.


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